Bob's 4th World Record

The Guinness Fitness World Record for Most Weight Arm-Curled in One Hour


For most people the thought of breaking one Guinness World Fitness Record would be a daunting prospect, but for entrepreneur,and author of “True Vision 4 Success,” Bob Natoli, it was just another of his many personal visions attained.
Having already dominated the record for most chin-ups in one minute in 2006 (40), he again assaulted the same record in 2007 to regain the title with 44 repetitions, following that record with another later the same morning for Most Squat Thrusts in one minute (56).

Those records seem to be just a warm-up exercise for Bob who will let nothing stand between him and the vision he sets for himself. Using proven techniques he has provided in his new book “True Vision 4 Success,” Bob not only broke, but smashed the existing arm-curl record of 51,314.8 lbs. in one hour.

Assailing the former record looked easy as Bob curled more than 60,000 lbs. in one hour. It was like watching a machine as he easily broke the record in the first 52 minutes of his attempt while simultaneously entertaining the crowd with humorous stories.

Having passed the old record with ease, and time to spare, many would have continued on for a brief period and stopped, but not Bob. His personal vision was 60,000 lbs in total weight, and it was obvious from the determined look in his eye that nothing would stop him from attaining that goal. The pace of lifting never abated until his final curl was performed, and the hour was finished.

The new record was then officially confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records adjudicator, Mike Janela, at a bicep bulging 60,019 lbs.

After completion of the feat, Bob still seemed to vibrate with enthusiasm and energy, stating that he is already considering other World Record attempts.

Bob ascribes his success in business, his personal life, and four fitness records from Guinness Book of World Records to a goal attainment system he has developed through trial and error over many years. Having proven these True Vision 4 Success techniques repeatedly (even in this recent success), Bob humbly stated that he wanted others to be able to rise to their greatest potential, and attain their goals as he has attained his.

To that end Bob set out with a vision to write a book wherein others could learn these techniques with the benefit of his time tested experience in separating what works, from what doesn’t. The result entitled, “True Vision 4 Success” is a concise and informative guide for anyone to be able to create their own unique vision, and then develop that vision to personal success.

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