Bob's 6th World Record

Bob Natoli Beats the "Energizer Bunny" for Success

The Energizer Bunny has battery power but Bob Natoli, success coach, entrepreneur, author, and host of the new reality TV series True Vision 4 Success (based on the book of the same name), has something even better; Vision.

That bunny keeps going and going but it’s obvious, Vision is the power that drives enduring true success as evidenced by Bob’s 6th Guinness Fitness World Record.

Bob’s Vision comes from the True Vision 4 Success system he developed during his journey from selling pumpkins on the roadside as a youth, to founding a successful multimillion dollar business using nothing but hard work, determination, and most importantly, True Vision!

The True Vision 4 Success system Bob uses has enabled him to capture 6 Guinness Fitness World Records (3 in the last 9 months), and drives his desire to help others attain similar success in their own lives no matter what their goal.

Breaking his 6th Guinness Fitness World Record by lifting 51,640 pounds in an hour using Barbell Upright Rows, beating the former record by almost 11,000 pounds! Bob drove home the real power contained in his unique True Vision 4 Success system.

“My True Vision for attaining this record meant even after I had beaten the existing record of 40,752.5 pounds I wouldn’t stop lifting until the hour ended. I could visualize myself lifting until the very last second so clearly in my mind, I even dreamt about it the night before.” said Bob.

Dedicating his 6th record to the Syracuse VA Medical Center and personally donating $2,000 to the VA Voluntary Services to support our returning Vets, Bob requested others also make their own donations to this worthy cause.

“The men and women of our Armed Forces are our unsung heroes.” said Bob continuing, “They’re making a tremendous sacrifice to ensure our safety here at home. When they return requiring medical attention they deserve assistance and amenities to make their hospital stay as comfortable as possible.”

Bob asks everyone reading this to please donate anything they can to help the VA Voluntary Services provide support and assistance to our Vets in need.

Volunteer, or donate to the VA Voluntary Services here.

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