Bob's 7th & 8th Records

Step-up "Superman" Raising Awareness for Childhood Cancer One World Record at a Time

Bob Natoli Accepting his 7th & 8th Guinness World Records

"Two intense minutes and eight Guinness Strength & Fitness World Records are just a warm-up for this battle." - Bob Natoli

Two minutes is all it took Bob Natoli to step up and crush two Guinness Strength and Fitness World Records during his quest to raise awareness of, and to help stamp out, childhood cancer.

Bob Natoli Breaking his 7th Guinness World RecordInspired by Julian Ross, a seven year-old fighting Stage IV Neuroblastoma, Bob Natoli, an entrepreneur, author, and fitness enthusiast, broke his 7th and 8th Guinness World Records dedicated to helping the Ross's and other families ravaged by childhood cancer and a bad economy.

"I know kids like Julian are fighting hard every day trying to beat their cancer, said Bob adding, "Breaking records is an example of what can be done when someone has a True Vision 4 Success."

Bob's latest Guinness World Records are, "The Most step-ups in One Minute with a 40-lb Pack (52) and "The Most step-ups in One Minute with a 60-lb Pack (47), consecutively crushing both previous records held by the UK's Paddy Doyle (by 11 and 12 steps respectively).

Bob Natoli Refreshing with Coconut WaterAfter already breaking the 40-lb Pack World Record and while waiting to catch his breath during the brief intermission, Bob personally opened a number of fresh, refrigerated coconuts, joking with attendees as he personally poured them each fresh coconut water.

Bob Natoli Breaking his 8th Guinness World RecordWatching on the video feed from his hospital room in PA, Julian pronounced Bob to be his "Superman" because, "Bob can open coconuts with his bare hands!" Although the coconut opening wasn't miraculous (a small knife was actually used by Bob), Bob's lifetime of health and fitness advocacy does qualify him as a "super" man. It also provided Bob an impromptu opportunity for an audience coaching session in health and the restorative benefits of coconut water before strapping on a 60-lb pack, after which he easily broke his second World Record within the hour by another large margin.

After breaking his second Guinness World Record Bob presented Julian's mother, Krisit Ross, a $9,00 check for Julian based on his commitment to donate $100 per step for both records. Bob also made an additional commitment that he'd continue breaking records for the cause as long as he was able in an effort to help Julian, Julian's "Joust" ( and to help other kids battle their own cancer. 

Bob asks everyone reading this story to please donate anything they can to help provide support and assistance to Julian and other children fighting childhood cancer.

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