Bob's 5th World Record

The Guinness Fitness World Record for Most Weight Lifted in One Hour by Front Dumbbell Raises

Think breaking one Guinness Fitness World Record in Fitness is tough? How about five, with two in the same year?

It may sound impossible, but that's just what entrepreneur, success coach, and author of the newly released book, "True Vision 4 Success," Bob Natoli just accomplished.

On Thursday, October 27th Bob lifted a staggering 39,720 pounds in one hour using Front Dumbbell Raises, crushing the existing record held by Ireland's Eamonn Keane by more than 19,000 pounds. Bob's 5th Guinness World Record was even more notable for having surpassed Keane's record by the time he was only half way through the event.

Through almost countless repetitions Bob talked with the audience and discussed how he uses True Vision 4 Success techniques to achieve any goal in his life whether it's a 5th Guinness World Record in fitness, success in business, or anything else.

Bob stated that anyone can create their own True Vision 4 Success to achieve their goals by following the formula of combined visualization and action he has created. This formula is contained in his limited edition, motivational book True Vision 4 Success available now at

Bob believes that everyone can be successful and has already helped many others reach their Vision for losing weight, getting out of debt, succeeding in business, and more.

In his continuing effort to support awareness for community causes and to help others in pursuit of success, Bob dedicated this Guinness World Record to Upstate Golisano Childen's Hospital. He also personally donated $5,000 to their cause after setting his new record.

Bob is asking for public donations to help the more than 100,000 children treated yearly at Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital by donating a penny per pound of weight lifted for the cause, but any donations are greatly appreciated.

Anyone wishing to donate to the cause can call 315-464-4673, and anyone wishing to create lasting success in their life's goals should request their copy of True Vision 4 Success today at their local bookstore, or purchase it online at while supplied last.

For more information please contact us:, or Robin Hamm at 315-342-7690.

Download the .pdf file here.

View the YNN News video here.

View the Guinness World Record Certificate here.

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