Bob's 9th - 11th Records

Natoli Family Shatters Six Guinness Strength and Fitness World Records in One Hour to Raise Money for Family of Paralyzed Child.

Bob Natoli Accepting his 7th & 8th Guinness World Records

Pictured above from left to right: Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator-Michael Empric, David Bourdon with future record holder Ledger Natoli Bourdon, Bob Natoli and Bobby Natoli.

Six Guinness Fitness World Records were shattered in an hour Saturday by Bob Natoli’s “First Family of Fitness” to help the Patterson family whose lives were recently shattered in a head-on collision caused by a drugged driver.

Bob Natoli Breaking Dumbbell Row RecordMuscles bulged and hearts pounded Saturday as Bob Natoli led his son Bobby (the youngest ever Guinness Strength and Fitness World Record Holder from a chin-up record in 2008), and son-in-law David Bourdon in breaking an amazing six Guinness Fitness World Records in only one hour while Lance Patterson, Guinness Record Adjudicator Michael Empric, and a large crowd of supporters cheered them on.

Bob Breaking the Step-up 100 lb Pack Record

The Natoli “First Family of Fitness” team was inspired by now eleven time Guinness Fitness World Record holder Bob Natoli to raise money and awareness for the Patterson’s after finding a donation request and their tragic story online at

“When I read about an entire family that was devastated in such a way I thought we might be able to help the Patterson’s. Sort of like one family helping another" Bob said.

The Natoli family proceeded to defeat record holders from the UK, Ireland and right here in the US. From the first record broken by Bob it was clear that success would follow as his son Bobby and son in law David followed suit in what would be a victorious day for both the Natoli's and the Patterson's.

Bobby Natoli Breaking Pukll-up 40lb Pack Record"I am very proud of both my son Bobby and my son in law David Bourdon. They trained very hard for this event and it showed in their results" said Bob Natoli 11 time strength and fitness world record holder.

Audience members were given a once in a lifetime show as six Guinness Strength and Fitness World Records fell in quick succession within a one hour time span to these highly focused and motivated athletes.

The records attained:

  1. Bob Natoli – Most Step-ups in One Minute Carrying a 100 Pound Pack (38). Crushing the previous record held by England’s Paddy Doyle by 7. 
  2. Bob Natoli – Most Step-ups in One Minute Carrying an 80 Pound Pack (41). Routing another Paddy Doyle Guinness World Record by 7. 
  3. Bob Natoli – Most Weight Lifted by Dumbbell Rows, with one arm, in One Minute, (4,356 lbs.).Bobby Natoli Breaking Knuckle Push-up Record Demolishing the previous record held by Ireland’s Eamonn Keane by more than 1,230 lbs. 
  4. Bobby Natoli – Most Knuckle Pushups in One Minute (58). Shattering the previous record held by USA's Michael Chang (an Internet fitness guru) by 13. 
  5. Bobby Natoli – Most Pull-ups in One Minute Carrying a 40 Pound Pack (23) dominating another record previously held by USA’s Michael Chang by 10. 
  6. David Bourdon – Most Pull-ups in One Minute (42). Attaining his first Guinness Strength and Fitness World Record, exceeding the previous record held by USA’s Ronald Cooper Jr. by 1.

David Bourdon Breaking Pull-up RecordAfter successfully breaking all records attempted the still very energetic “First Family of Fitness” accepted their Guinness Records from official Guinness World Record Adjudicator, Michael Empric, urging the audience and public to assist the Patterson Family by any means possible.

Lance Patterson then accepted a personal donation of $5,000 from Bob Natoli. Many attendees were so touched by the Patterson cause and event they too made immediate donations directly to Mr. Patterson.

Donations to the Patterson’s can be made online via the website, by email at: or by mail: The Patterson Family Trust, P.O. Box 63, Syracuse, NY 13201.

Natoli Family Check Donation to Lance Patterson

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